Ever wish you could skip all the failed attempts at trying to create tasty,
healthful juices for you and your family?
Want to go straight to what works and forget everything else?

Well, here’s your chance.

The No-Drug Treatment For Headaches and Migraines

overview-migraine-general1A friend of mine recently sent me an email. She’s been suffering with migraines for years. She’s been on a search for the proper medication to keep her crippling headaches at bay. She’s been through more medicines than I can count, with very little (if any) relief. Knowing that I also have knowledge of herbs and nutritional remedies, out of pure desperation she asked if I knew of anything that could help her. 

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2014: Fire Wire Giveaway

IMG_1622If I’m perfectly honest… I’m really more of a Fall/Winter Girl than a Spring/Summer. And I mean more than just skin coloration. I love cooler temperatures. I love the colors of Fall. I actually like being cold in the Winter. Having grown up in Texas, I’ll take the cold over blazing heat any day of the week.

But there are good things about Summer. There’s ice cream, watermelon, and cookouts with the family. In fact, it’s the cookouts that really make it possible for me to make it through to Fall. LOL

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Why Grieve?

Fotor0805102736Some of you may remember my hair cutting incident from last April. You may also recall that my hair cutting was in honor of my aunt and her ongoing struggle with Cancer. Fast forward to today and she has come to the end of this very long road. She has passed away. Many people around her, friends and family, have begun their grieving and sadness processes.

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4 Simple Steps To Build New Habits Into Your Busy Life

tea-335649_640I received an email from a client named Elizabeth and she asked:

“How can I create new habits and rituals into my already so busy life?”

When I read her email I thought … “Damn, that is an AWESOME question”. So much of what I focus on here at Phoenix Wholistic is based on building good and supportive habits and rituals that help you create the life you love. With that in mind, I decided to answer her question here on the blog, because I’m betting you’ve asked yourself this same question.

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Who Makes Your Top 5 List?

friends-forever-by-danise“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

- Jim Rohn

One of the most powerful principles in life you can understand is that: Your thoughts, decisions and actions can be directly affected and influenced by those you chose to surround yourself with.  Tweetable

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From Wanting to Deciding

This could make the difference.

facebook-want-buttonIs there something that you want in life?

Like, really want? Could it be more money, could it be better health, or the ability to resist sugar when it comes your way? Maybe you really want to like exercise, or maybe you really want to feel incredible, every day. Maybe you want to love yourself more or maybe you want to feel happy or less stressed.

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