You know it's time to make nutrition and lifestyle changes - but nothing sticks.
You want change - but not the rigid and inflexible rules.
Diets don't work. Brute force won't work. It's not about the food.

You know it. I understand it. I can help. Let's set something on fire.

4 Recipes That’ll Have Your Kids Begging For More Veggies

6a00d8341c77ee53ef014e8b48a592970d-800wiChildren are notorious for not wanting to eat their veggies. My nephew has an aversion to anything that’s not brown, white, or yellow. On one hand, it’s funny; on the other hand, it’s really sad. And there is no way that children can get the vitamins and nutrients that they need while only eating these bland, uniform color, processed diets.

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Identity and the Case of the “Bad Haircut”: A Tapping Story

selfieEver since my aunt Sandra got sick I’ve been planning this. Letting my hair grow longer, longer, and ever longer; which by some standards would still be considered short (not being of the full-on Crystal Gayle hair-dragging-the-floor length) but still longer than I normally would wear it.

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6 Things I Learned Doing My First Webinar

Last night, I did my very first webinar. It was free and jam-packed full of information. And while my tribe of Firebirds is still pretty small, I expected *magic* to show up. And no, I don’t mean the basketball player. For my first time out, it went probably as well as could be expected…. No one showed up. But instead of taking this as a bad thing, I decided to focus on the fact that it gave me the chance to be out there, after all it was public, without risking much aka it was unlikely that anyone would see my flub ups.

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Tapping on Their Problem Fixes Yours

meankidI’ve seen a lot of talk and chatter lately about surrogate tapping, and how it can work wonders for relationships and old pains and issues. And while tapping is wonderful and awesome, I think that it’s important to realize that when we are surrogate tapping on others and their issues, we are really tapping on ourselves and our own issues. Wait, Christy – I don’t have this problem, they do.

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Thoughts Before a FasterEFT (Tapping) Seminar

2efca4c6964311e3b46112d36560ccd9_8As I sit here on a plane bound for Oklahoma City, I can’t help but wonder what the upcoming week will hold for me, as well as all the other attendees. We will walk into this seminar, each of us with problems and issues, but by the end of the week, I’m willing to bet that a majority of us will not be the same.

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6 Foods to Fortify Yourself with This Winter


During the long, cold, winter months, it’s easy to find reasons to suffer. It seems like you haven’t seen the sun in days (and maybe you really haven’t.) Everyone around you has a cold or the flu. Due to holiday choices and indulgences, the scale isn’t being a friendly as you’d like. But before you go into hibernation and crawl into a cave for the rest of the winter, try a few of these seasonal produce choices to feel your best this winter.

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